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​​​Youth Workshops

Each workshop includes a parent or guardian component

Dining Etiquette:

Our students will learn American Standard dining etiquette and the importance of proper behavior while dining.  Upon completion of this workshops your child students will demonstrate a more polished, positive behavior while dining.  Classes include the following:

a. The Do's and Don'ts of Dining

b.  Place Settings

c.  Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh my!

d.  Who's At The Table?

How To Talk To Anyone:

Our students will explore many forms of communication and the impact communication has on outcomes such as building relationships, resolving conflict, and preparing them for leadership.  Classes include the following:

a.  Body Language

b.  Positive Words That Win

c.  Social Media and More

d.  Public Speaking​

Social Etiquette:

Our students will experience the art of greeting and networking among their peers along with learning the benefits of being social in their community and beyond.  Classes include the following:

a.  Greetings and Introductions

b.  Party Planning

c.  Presence and Purpose

d.  Manners Matter

Values Etiquette:

Our students will learn what value is and how values can influence and shape their life.  By exploring their own value system and the values of others the students will gain a deeper respect for differences.  Classes include the following: 

a.  What is Value?

b.  This or That

c.  Adding Value

d.  Little Passports Diversity and Inclusion

(Practical ) (Protocol ) ( Principles)


Confidence, Personal Integrity, and Respect

(For ages 6 - 18)