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​​Participants will gain dining skills that will benefit in relationship development.

  • Who’s at the table?​
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Dining
  • Place Settings and More
  • Small Talk, When and When Not

Participants will take a deeper look into cultural discipline and self awareness.

  • Behaviors and Habits: Conflict Resolution
  • Overcoming Exclusion: What Can STOP You
  • Relationship C.P.R.: Save Your Life
  • The Value System: Is It Worth It 

Participants will develop a more professional, positive, and polished presence in business.

  • Procedures, and Protocol
  • Relationship C.P.R.
  • Meetings, Manners and Myths
  • Ten Unwritten Rules of Business 


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Business Etiquette

​​​Social Etiquette

"Proper Etiquette and Image, the norm, not the exception."     RR

Participants will gain social media, workplace and societal interaction skills.

  • Dress for Success From The Inside Out
  • How to Talk To Anyone
  • Social Media and The Web
  • Body Language; What are You Saying?

We offer Professional Etiquette Training, 

Four modules with sixteen workshops