Adult Etiquette Workshops

Reeves Etiquette & Image Consulting provides customized etiquette and image solutions for identified human relations problems. Each workshop offer up to four hours of soft skills training for individuals or a group.  These skills can add value to your portfolio or to a companies bottom line.  To inquire about a customized workshop contact us at 419-340-5715.

Business Etiquette:​​

Upon completion of  this training the participants will have gained knowledge of how business etiquette is part of a workplace culture and how it can help or hurt their work and/or family life experience.  This program will help participants to develop a more professional, positive, and polished presence in business.  The curriculum will cover:

a.  Policies, Protocol, and Procedures
b.  Relationship C.P.R. (Confidence, Personal Integrity, Respect)

c.  Professional Manners 101
d.  Ten Unwritten Rules Of Business

​Social Etiquette:

Upon completion of this training the participants will have gained knowledge on how being social in the workplace and society has a direct affect on reaching personal and professional goals.  There is a high focus on inclusion and communication.  The curriculum will cover:

a.  Dress for Success From The Inside Out
b.  How to Talk To Anyone; Spoken Communication and Digital Media
c.  Optimism-vs-Pessimism
d.  Body Language; What are You Saying?  

Dining Etiquette:

Upon completion of this training the participants confidence in a dining setting will increase and they will be able to demonstrate a positive dining image.  Dining is a universal event that includes more than the meal.  Navigating the dining table is not always easy but when you know which direction to go you will reach your destination with grace.  The curriculum will cover:

a.  Who’s at the table?
b.  The Do’s and Don’ts of Dining

c.  Branded Behavior  
d.  Small Talk: Conversation Starter and Stopper

Personal-Vs-Professional Etiquette & Image: 

Upon completion of this training the participants will have taken a deeper look into the roles they play in day to day life and how cultural discipline can overcome barriers to success and improve their personal and professional etiquette and image.  The curriculum will cover:

a.  Behaviors and Habits
b.  Overcoming Exclusion

c.  Relationship C.P.R. 
d.  The Value System: How Much is it Worth To You?

We customize etiquette and image solutions for culture conscious individuals and companies that value personal effectiveness and cost control.

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