Reeves Etiquette & Image Consulting LLC.

Ordinary skills enriched for extraordinary opportunities

Reeves Etiquette & Image Consulting

2145 E. Scott Park Dr. Suite 1070

Toledo, OH 43607


"Because Manners Matter"

Our Mission

To empower children and adults to build relationships and success with confidence personal integrity and respect.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all people are valuable and have the potential to play an integral role in the success of society by applying proper etiquette and image. 

​ Robin L. Reeves

Chef ​James Jacobs

Robin L. Reeves, Founder and Director of Reeves Etiquette & Image Consulting LLC (REIC) was inspired to pursue her purpose of teaching etiquette and image by her parents who always went the extra mile to help and inspire others. Robin founded REIC in 2010 after earning two bachelor degrees from Lourdes University, Sylvania, Ohio in Business Management and Healthcare Administration, so later pursued a certificate in The Business of Etiquette from The Protocol School of Palm Beach Florida. 

Our Team

James Jacobs, Vice President joined REIC in 2014.  James is an alumni of Alabama A&M and Owens Community College where he received his Culinary Arts Degree in 2015. Chef James brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to REIC in the areas of personal image, dining, food and wine along with his love of photography. James has held several leadership positions throughout his professional career before retiring from the Toledo Fire Department, Lieutenant. James believe that proper etiquette and image is the glue that holds society together.